As a child were you reprimanded for doodling? Do you yearn for creative expression that has nothing to do with talent, skill or having a great idea?

Spirit Doodling reveals a space of silence, a river of stillness that opens the door to a secret bottomless wellspring of expression unknown to the mind. Effortlessly we will tap into an infinite creative source as the mind releases judgments, comparisons and personal limitations. This workshop is not a solitary experience but a full awakening with others to what connects us in the Truth of Unity.

Create this sacred doodle that you can use to activate centering meditative states. Spirit Doodling is both an art and a healing practice.

“The workshop was an excellent experience. Coming from my controlled type of art, I enjoyed being loose and unplanned. I also liked the mood of the session, reflecting higher purpose and being in the Now.” – Glen Noble, Canadian artist



The Gift of Doodling

“My perception is that doodles simply happen. The whole experience is mysterious and spontaneous. I do not think about the doodle when I doodle. There is no thinking in the doodling. They come from the dimension of No-Mind. Although I usually doodle when my mind is occupied, I have found in the process of creating this book that once the doodling state has been discovered, one is able to enter it as soon as the doodling begins.” – Victoria Friedman, Spirit Doodling

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