6 GuideRules

The 6 GuideRules unfolded organically from years of observations of the “energy, quality, atmosphere” (EQA) in circles and addressed the needs of the individuals as well as the collective happening. It became increasingly clear what dispersed and what conjoined the circle to reveal the Field of Unity. The GuideRules emerged as an answer to help lift circles beyond what would otherwise be ordinary levels of interaction.

The central purpose of the GuideRules is to access the field of gathered intelligence, or collective consciousness.  They do this by refocusing the movement of conversation, which typically scatters in various opposing directions, and by removing the disruptive self-preoccupation and personal interactions. The GuideRules help to focus the participants on the movement of energy of the entire group, and gives them a place, a direction and means to go beyond the normal pressures of the ego. They allow for more expansive and authentic individual expression, which leads ultimately to a deeper connection among those present. Conscious listening can occur in a more natural and spontaneous way. Through adherence to these principles, a delicate space in which reciprocity, intimacy, shared knowledge and understanding become the elevated platform for individual and group transformation.

Through the applications of the GuideRules, we become more conscious of one another, learn to feel another person’s presence and needs, and become sensitive to their emotional states. They help us become aware of our own internal workings and patterns of expression and how these patterns either contribute to, or hinder, the forward and cohesive movement of any collective happening. They give us a certain sense of freedom and empowerment, as well as sensitivity to their evolutionary power and significance.

Once you’ve been exposed to the GuideRules, you’ll begin to appreciate any conversation and interaction in a very different way.