Ron’s Poetry


O god, let me live with uncertainly
let me embrace a not-knowing that puts my life up for grabs
with the last choice made—
and still go on with a longing unabated
a vision undimmed.

The poetry waits
It demands something new
an opening of a Sight that wakes from its cocooned focus and
turns outward to respond
to some urgent need
to some whispered significance.

The pines and the aspens the cold wind at 9000 feet
the purity of an unfiltered blue sky—
and they push them down blindfolded
men women and children
and shoot them in the head.

Is a scream enough? What will that accomplish?
Twenty six are shot at Newtown
the people gather in compassion
and the gun laws remain unchanged.

We speak of evolution,
and secretly hope for a 10% majority
that will shift the Whole…..
the Universe’s Essence is Good it is Love
I believe this
so they gang rape a woman in front of her husband
and I hurt and hurt
but they are so far away.

What is a righteous man or woman
where and who are they
so that Sodom and Gomorrah will not be destroyed again
where are the angels that warn
and where is the higher ground?

She(1) says we wake to “choice instead of chance”
we choose to intend
we can choose to commit
what other powers do we have?

Singer(2) says we have no choice but to exercise our free will,
what the hell are we that valuable anyway?
Billions of “earth-like” planets throughout our galaxy alone
who’s done the arithmetic?

Christ we need Help the gaps are so huge,
does Cosmic Law allow skipping of grades
battlefield commissions for a species?
I don’t fly in my dreams anymore
lions stopped chasing me long ago
as did giant waves engulfing the land.

I wish to be used to earn the verdict “good and faithful servant”
but I hesitate to take the achievement test
the one that weighs deeds
against talents that were gifted to me.

Anyway I hurt tonight
and don’t know anyone to answer my mute reaching
so I write late at night and wonder
what answers will come in my sleep—

and whether I will remember them…..

1 Barbara Marx Hubbard
2 Isaac B. Singer