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Readatation adjusts the mind from its conditioned reactive thinking into a relaxed natural state. The Mind moves into the background and allows the inner most Being to come to the foreground. Readatation is a gentle and loving community that loves sharing the discovery of Truth.

You can enter ANYDAY, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE! The door is always open.
SELECT your spiritual reading material.
LIGHT a Candle …Yes we use an emoji if we can’t do a real candle
CHOOSE a comfortable spot to sit
READATATION for 30min–might include Meditation and/or Contemplation
SHARE: When finished Share (if so moved) A QUOTE or INSIGHT.

READATATION has a 3-fold Intention: First for our personal transformation, second for the well-being of the Readatation Community, Third for the Conscious Evolution of Humanity.

This page is only for posting thoughts, quotes, insights, experiences and responses related to Readatation. It is not intended for sharing events, products, personal programs or marketing of any kind. Thank you!

Readatation is not really a practice.  It is a state of reception. We are bringing our mind to the present moment and rest in awareness of the words we are reading.

“It’s like soaking mung beans in water. You don’t need to force the water to enter the mung bean. You let the mung bean be in the water, and slowly, slowly it goes in.” Thick Knat Han

It is like dropping a sugar cube in a glass of warm water. The water doesn’t do anything and the sugar cube doesn’t do anything, but the sugar cube slowly becomes like the water. It loses its name and form. The quality of the water – transparency, warmth, openness, emptiness – takes over the sugar cube; it dissolves it into itself. That is similar to what happens in Readatation allowing or offering. Nothing is done by anyone to anyone or anything. The one that would seem to be doing the offering is itself offered up.

Readatation employs an effortless attention. The mind learns to ride the flow of the heart.  Whether knowledge is emerging or insight or boredom or inspiration, all that we are, body, mind, emotions are involve


  • Readatation began in the 1980s in a Gurdjieff group program that I attended for 12 years. The practice was called a “Reading Aim” and all participants in the program read 2 hours, first thing in the morning, every day. It was a very disciplined foundational spiritual practice in an intensive program of self-knowledge.
  • One of the intentions of the Reading Aim at that time was that this original heroic effort would bring an energetic heredity to those who engage it in the future.
  • In 1994, Ron and I founded Vistar and a ½ hour Readatation practice was an essential part of the Vistar System spanning 15 years.
  • Participants in the Vistar program experienced many of the benefits that of the original Reading Aim and many new profound awakenings.

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For me, every morning Readatation is an adjustment.  Just as a chiropractor adjusts our body to be alignment with its natural positioning, Readatation adjusts the mind from its conditioned reactive thinking into a relaxed natural state.  The Mind moves into the background and allows the inner most Being to come to the foreground. Readatation is a gentle and loving, and is not about trying to change or get anywhere but simply to discover Truth.

1     The Readatation develops will power in our thinking and upgrades the intellect with transcendent spiritual principles.

2     However, truly, Readatation has little to do with knowledge. Through contemplation, meditation and/or silence the ideas infiltrate our being and do their work. The content is always what we need to hear, to understand in order to have a new perspective.

3     Readatation opens uplifting considerations that carry a palpable energy for dealing with daily situations inner and outer.

4     Readatation can be though of as a catheter to the energy of Grace that is beyond the mind’s comprehension.  This has been directly experienced by almost everyone who engages it.

5     We are invited to read beyond the words, between the lines. Readatation brings with it a heightened ability observe our mind, emotions and body and all the ways that we are distracted from clarity.

6     Many of the benefits that come from meditation are incorporated in Readatation. However, Readation includes principles that feed the mind organic spiritual ideas that reverberate in the heart.