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“EVOLUTIONARY MEETINGS: “How We Meet” by Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman

An Evolutionary Meeting is one where the participants have the intention of shifting into dimensions of higher consciousness thereby progressively losing their relative orientation. From that profound standpoint, our personal lives, the relationships to each other, and the issues confronting the world are seen from a new perspective with its new possibilities.

An Evolutionary meeting emphasizes the importance of the process of a meeting, not only the content. It is not only the “what” and the “why” we gather, but the “HOW”. Most meetings come together with an objective to solve problems, plan events, dialogue about specific issues or share an experience. They often do not pay attention at their own process which is accepted as a given. It is really amazing how much of a blind spot this is. Most of us assume that we somehow know how to be in a meeting, in a one to one conversation, in a family gathering, a committee, a Board room, in Congress. Is that True?

Structure and the “how” of meetings have become unpopular in “Green Meme” circles. In that post-modern approach, any hint of rules, leadership or structure is considered to go against “The Flow.” Our experience proves that if a meeting is going to take us to higher ground beyond the level that we started, an agreed upon foundational structure is essential. We are not saying that structure creates a field of group consciousness, we are saying that the structure helps it to be revealed.

For 32 years, through on the spot observations, we explored and refined the elements of a meeting which obstruct or facilitate the opening of a larger field of awareness. When these became apparent, we formulated a new guideline called a “GuideRule”, experimented with it and watched to see the result. When there was an unmistakable shift in the Energy/Quality/Atmosphere (EQA) of the meeting, we applied it across the board. For us, the “how” practically manifests as a structure that serves as the springboard to the Field called Collective Consciousness. That structure includes Five GuideRules, Three Roles for participants and Three Sections for the development of the meeting. These became the backbone of all our meetings.

In the invisible realm of motivation, conscious intention and vision, there are three facets of awareness that are vital for an Evolutionary Meeting. We call them the “Contextual Triad.” The First is the willingness to become aware of one’s own patterns of behavior in the meeting. The Second is to be mindful of needs of the progress of the meeting itself. The Third is to consider how the meeting serves the evolutionary process of humanity. These three facets of awareness are not vague and ephemeral. They are force fields and their presence and relationship to each other determine the outcome of the meeting.

There is an analogy that we often use for the progress of a meeting. In a building, there are many levels. A meeting might start in the basement.  In basement consciousness, we have to deal with little light, perhaps some rodent attendees, damp environment and moldy furniture. There are people that do not know they are in the basement and don’t care. Some are aware that the setting is not as they would like it to be and decide to redecorate. And then there are others who know there is a living room, but do not know how to get there. Suddenly, one day,

A step is discovered leading out of the basement. Taking that step leads to another we find ourselves on the Ground Floor. The ground floor has more light, open windows with views to the outside and nicer furniture. Some want to stay, it’s pleasant enough. Things get done. We seem to get along. Then there are those that would like even more light, an overview of the street level below and feel the pull of a larger vision, a larger purpose.

An evolutionary meeting is not for everyone. It is for explorers who want to investigate, and dive consciously into the process of “how” we evolve together and establish prototypes for communication in the future. We quickly realize that the meeting is a microcosm for issues that are confronting the whole of humanity and that we carry within ourselves all the forces which have led to our present predicament as a species. Evolutionary Meetings then become a setting where these archetypal difficulties can be seen, acknowledged, and transcended.

Is evolutionary law telling us that we must find a new way of working together as a species?  Is our survival dependent on it? It is possible that this is a mandate that we cannot refuse. Our upcoming book, “Evolutionary Meetings: The Vistar Method”, launching in July 2020 will detail and expand on our findings.



Ron Friedman

There is an inescapable logic to the so-called spiritual teachings, their simple elegant truths are formulated in a language that both our minds and hearts are wired to translate and understand. And what is an example of a simple wisdom that can possibly encompass the seemingly endless complexities of our current quagmires, global, national, and individual? One apt formulation to consider might be is that when one is so far from an understanding and application of an obvious truth or principle, any attempt to deal with effect of effect of its repeated misapplication must result in failure and frustration, continued wandering in the devolving land of the opposites.

For example, if The Golden Rule is recognized as a Principle, a directive recognized in one form or another at the deepest level of every human soul, then perhaps we could then say that every diversion from following that Truth becomes a Cause leading to a cascade of effects with multiplying difficulties for human wellbeing.

Simple, isn’t it? Efforts which then follow to deal with issues such as climate change, unequal distribution of resources and wealth, immigration, health care, education, relationship to a sentient Nature with its animal and microbial worlds and on and on while important, well-meaning and of course, in some cases confronting existential issues for all of us, will ultimately provide no lasting solutions unless they are first seen and adjusted in relationship to the original accepted Principle, The Golden Rule. One could also speculate that accepting and acting from that Principle might confer an evolutionary advantage to a species, to the growth and flourishing of its members individually and in any ethnic grouping. And who knows, in a larger arena, it may also prove to be a worthwhile guide to our approach to any future contact with “aliens” that may take place.

I write this in the recognition that soon our human ingenuity will find temporary solutions to the current crisis-medications and vaccines to deal with the new coronavirus, we will even develop new faster methods of preparing vaccines to deal with the other microbial protagonists awaiting their turn on stage.

However, for me, the painful message of the increasing complexity of the rapidly proliferating endless problems that we face at this point in our evolutionary journey is that our answer must lie in the timeless truths of the spiritual realm, in the transformation of our recognition of who and what we are, in our relationships to each other and enacting our understanding into the prime directives that shape every aspect of our society. It is at that basic level of mutually recognized human essence, authenticity and need that  a  new basis for creative dialogue can begin and the lesson of the latest crisis will have been learned.

WORDFIRE: The message that blazes through time
Victoria Friedman
There is a message that blazes through time. It is the Wordfire of Identity. This Fire does not destroy, It illuminates the darkness and ignites the weary Soul. It is the light that shines forth in the Upanishads and the luminescence in the face of the Buddha. It is the fire that etched the Ten Commandments onto the scrolls of the Torah. It is the radiance that that flows from the Koran and the flame of Love in the Gospels.
It is the Spark that lives in every human heart.
It is a Blaze that cannot be extinguished.
Is our true purpose on Earth to create a Shangri-la, to fashion and decorate our environment with the greatest comfort, personal security and happiness for everyone? Not a bad motive for a species. However, that outcome might be a side effect of a greater design.
Take a look right now. Something appears that threatens the safety of humanity and we mobilizes to solve the situation. A spontaneous action from the heart of survival! The directive is clear…PROTECT LIFE!
And of course, that is the priority! The question then becomes what are the best conditions and qualities needed to achieve that supreme goal? Does it lie in individual experts, think tank coalitions and general opinions?  Can the best answer come from separate groups all trying to do what they think is best for “The Whole”?
What if the purpose of Life on Earth is the discovery that we are not the separate individual parts that we think we are? What if the possible answer to suffering on this planet is not primarily in eradicating the problems but in the discovery of our underlying unity, our True Nature? Perhaps we need to recognize that we are not isolated human beings but a force Field of Cognition that is whole, undivided and always present. From that standpoint, it is not guaranteed that the current disease and a myriad of other problems would not be appearing. However, in the light of that recognition, challenges might be met with currently unimaginable solutions, beyond the horizontal programmed and limited remedies of the mind.
To realize our True Identity and our Unity as a dynamic, creative fact, a necessary beginning would be to deal with the extreme degree of polarization that exists between now! We need to observe uncritically that we have been manipulated and exploited by every aspect of our society and its institutions to choose separation in our perspective on race, nationalism, gender, sexuality, politics (conservative vs liberal), economy (capitalism vs. socialism), religion, spirituality, culture and now our very health. Ezra Klein, American journalist, blogger, and political commentator who co-founded Vox, in his New York Times best seller, “Why we Are Polarized”, writes “Everyone engaged in politics is engaged, at some level, in identity politics. These merged identities have attained a weight that is breaking much in our politics and tearing at the bonds that hold this country together.”
Will this crisis serve to put a crack in the walls of our polarization pandemic? If the outer scene mirrors our inner world, then for those of us who are drawn to the path of conscious evolution, the issues of taking sides, assigning blame, holding power driven arguments, feeling we are absolutely right, making judgments based on information that is catering to one side or the other, these are areas where we can begin to loosen our hold. We can consciously begin to relax the rigidity and yes, sometimes the ferocity in how we take sides for our beliefs and opinions. This is important not necessarily because we are wrong about the specific issues,  but we are once again promoting the cause of our problems, the chasm in our ability to communicate and the way in which we relate to each other, not as aspects of ourselves, as one being, but as two dimensional representatives of a position. Violence is never far behind this breakdown in our humanity.
That Shift out of the belief of separateness and division, that felt realization of the fact of our Oneness is the instantaneous bridge that neutralizes the polarization virus. In that conscious recognition of our True Identity as inseparable one the wellsprings of conscience are released, and the unbroken continuity of Love is revealed.