Roles and Sections

The Three Roles

In the Vistar Method there are three Roles: Leader, Support and Participant. These roles reflect our life on this Earth, for after all, are we not here on this Earth to lead, to support and to participate? The VMC gives one an opportunity to master all three roles and experience the authentic positioning and deeper meaning of Leader, Support and Participant. The roles themselves become evolutionary in that they change as the meeting progresses. As the Circle moves towards the experience of Collective Evolutionary Consciousness, each participant begins to take on the three roles within themselves and the real leader is the Field of Collective Consciousness, itself, guiding the Circle.

The Three Sections

In the Vistar Method there are three Sections: Enunciation, Development, Recapitulation. The Enunciation is the first part where the Leader presents the TOPIC (or Thread) that becomes a spiritual framework, an overarching principle that opens the doorway to the Collective Field. Participants are invited to contribute to increase the EQA (Energy, Quality, Atmosphere). In the Development section, we look at the practical application of the Topic and moving the ego to essence in everyday living. The Recapitulation is the last section, where having established the Topic and shifted in our perspective, it is time to see the next steps into co-creation.