Vistar Board of Directors


Craig Sciglimpaglia – Vice President
Teleconference Host

“Before I knew the term collective awakening, my interests have always gravitated toward the increased possibilities which are present when individuals are deeply committed to the refining process that is supported by a Universal Intelligence.”


Cristina Clavarino – Secretary

“Collective awakening reveals what emerges when individuals come together in aligned intention. Clarity of deep discovery, altering shifts of awareness, and sublime creativity are potentialities available to all who investigate the mysterious realm called Collective Consciousness.”


Deborah Ross
Marketing Consultant

“The experience of coming together, in service of a higher vision, is one of true connectedness, unity and love.  Creative solutions exist if we can put aside all of our differences and meet on unified ground. Then, the highest good for the future of humanity begins to emerge.


Barbara Schneider-Craig
Email Marketing Coordinator

“I am always excited when in the company of people who have awareness of their environment, the people in it and how each one, apart and together, affects the whole. As awareness grows within me through this work I am set free of self imposed ideas; so I might give more to this growing collective conscious field. What a gift!”



Viviana Tejeda

Event Planning Assistant

“Transformation, change and conscious evolution are the reasons we are here on Earth.  It is my intention to serve that purpose”