I have found that as the frequency of the meeting increases the direct heart-felt experience of connectedness emerge with its immense new possibilities. The Vistar Method is an art form, a co-creative social structure, Barbara Marx Hubbard, from her book BIRTH 2012 and BEYOND





Great work. You’re doing a wonderful job of pioneering new ground and getting truly co-creative participation. Stephen Dinan, CEO Shift Network





The Vistar Method is a powerful dialog technique that generates a field of collective awareness between people. For those who want to experience consciousness beyond the sense of separation that we normally live with I highly recommend trying the Vistar Method. You will find all those at Vistar to be sensitive and adept guides for an amazing journey. Jeff Carreira, Co-Leader Evolutionary Collective




Vistar Foundation has created a magical style of communication that can bring harmony and grace into any conversation, regardless of the topic. Thank you for the opportunity to share and be a part of this exciting, transformational forum. Andrea Adler, Founder of Holisitc PR





The Vistar Method is the social, political and educational possibility for an enlightened planet.  It is method for knowing truth, love and the soul of humanity. Alan Steinfeld, Host of New Realities TV





Victoria and Ron are pioneers in plumbing the depths of collective intelligence. Carter Phipps, Author of Evolutionaries





I really enjoyed the call with Victoria and Ron Friedman of the Vistar Foundation. I’ve worked with similar processes, but I can understand how this one differs as we are generating ideas rather than finding solutions or agreement…. in particular for the Evolutionary Circles anchoring the Planetary Birth.

      ~ Aileen McKenna

I am very excited too! The circle ran smoothly – I enjoyed leading it and everyone was fully engaged. …I led the discussion, and everyone raised their hands to speak, no one interrupted the other, and they were looking forward to future gatherings.

      ~ Ali Benjamin

For me it was a MAGICAL day. I would have to write volumes and volumes to truly express all that transpired. It was a day of great abundance, learning, and creativity. Ron and Victoria are extraordinary leaders and generous hosts… I am sharing just a few things, there is SO MUCH MORE.

      ~ Brunie Feliciano

One way to describe the Vistar Evolutionary Circle is a structured gathering of persons that facilitates each member to be able to connect with their essence and share with one another (collaborate) insights on evolutionary topics of exploration. The structure, formed by the method, make for a very supportive environment for people to really get in touch with inner truths. Having a sacred, trusting and supportive, space to explore and develop seems extremely valuable…I felt a deep part of me was receiving the transmission being offered. The leadership role one steps into might be best seen as an opportunity to facilitate the expression of each participant’s contribution to the topic. By diminishing ego and intending to be a vessel for whatever needs to be done to help the sharing happen, a different sort of conscious is what I experienced. There is a safety factor that this inherently presents which I see as being helpful to draw people into evolutionary sort of mind field, which can have a transformative effect. …some of the deep sharings which were given in circle are among the treasured truths I find within my core. … We all, in turns, help, lead, follow, heal, and grow when we connect point to point and heart to heart. The Vistar circle method seems well geared to bring this about.

      ~ Doug Mort

I have experienced the power and beauty of this method in a very positive way. It seems something new and Impersonal really does emerge in this circle format.

      ~ Janet Brockunier 

I have been part of Ron & Victoria’s Conscious Evolution Circles at the Wainwright House and I have found these Circles to be quite extraordinary. The form creates a container of what I would call “Impersonal Compassion” and allows the space for the energy of the group consciousness to open, deepen, evolve and expand through intention and focus.

      ~ Joanna Beth Sere

I had watch Victoria and Ron’s example of a Vistar Circle on youtube and found it really usual in a practical sense. I started by using the Vistar structure and explained the guiderules, I explained the purpose of the circle (which I took from Ron’s explanation on youtube). I had prepared some points…in case things became a bit slow or stuck. It started off well with people raising their hands to contribute, but after 15 minutes or so it became more of a discussion. Personally I know I need more practice, but 7 weeks ago, I would not have imagined myself doing a meeting like this, so it was a leap for me in many ways…

      ~ Joyce McKay

I am very excited about the depth of sharing and the willingness to stay within the guiderules of the Vistar method, with almost no reminders, that my first group shared with each other. Everyone of the group of 6 left with the desire for more and with a keen sense of inner discovery and wanting to dive deeper within themselves and with each other….it stirred my own leadership role and desire to share this work with different age groups. I’m stoked and looking to grow.

      ~ June R. Steiner 

Thank you from the fullness of my heart. The VISTAR Circle approach takes Council — which I highly respect and find an excellent format — to a different level of activation and sourcing. I am grateful that I continue to grow as a more skillful ACE and feel blessed to be introduced to the VISTAR approach; it is indeed a gift of grand scale.

      ~ Lynda C. 

I found the videos of Ron & Victoria’s that show exactly how the group works illuminating and invaluable. They are only 10-11 minutes long and truly illustrate not only the “how”, but also the depth that the conversation can reach in such a short time. I think this might make people enthusiastic about really trying to adhere to the guiderules. After 2 not-very-satisfying sessions, our group members made a concerted effort to view these videos and the next call was absolutely remarkable, and they continue to be, now that we’re all on the same page regarding Vistar in action. Normally, I’m not much of a rule follower. I find them constricting and stifling creativity.  But I think that for exploring a topic in depth, the Vistar guiderules are actually liberating.

      ~ Sandy Sturner