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unaccustomed looking: insights on the path

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unaccustomed looking is an extraordinary poetic journey as seen through the eyes of the spirit. It offers the reader the opportunity to share the author’s insights and deep experience of life’s mysteries…Truly an inspiration to all poetic hearts.


“This is a book to hold in your hands and caress. It is a tome that expects frayed pages and worn covers from the joy of constant use. It is a gift both to have and to give. It is a volume of verbal songs for the poet, the writer, the reader, the voyeur, the curious and the mystic.”

~ Rolland G. Smith, broadcaster, journalist, poet and author


”Ron Friedman is a divine craftsman. His poems not only eloquently reflect deep heart and consciousness, but the activist energy that is emerging now in spiritual communities worldwide to effect real global change.”

~ Kurt Johnson, author of The Coming Interspiritual Age, and Nabokov’s Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius


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