Past Events


Dr. Ron Friedman & Victoria Friedman
Wednesday, November 13th, 7pm-9pm
Wednesday, December 11th, 7pm-9pm
Wainwright House, Rye, New York

Join us in an exciting, fun-filled and highly informative presentation of the nationally and internationally known spiritual/holistic luminaries and their messages, insights and sacred activism. Participate in a Vistar Dialogue Circle followed by refreshments and great company. FREE

An evening with Dr. Janet Warfield
Friday, November 15, 2013, 8pm
Stamford, Connecticut

We invite you to a gathering in honor of our dear friend, Janet Warfield and her colleagues from Wisdom University. Janet, a seasoned spiritual journeyer, will share her experiences at Stonehenge, Chartre Cathedral and meeting many remarkable spiritual teachers. Enjoy music, delectable refreshments, wine, coffee, tea, interesting people, and stimulating conversation in an atmosphere of artistic elegance.

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Sunday, December 15th, 3pm-5pm
Stamford, Connecticut

Ron and Victoria invite you to join them and Ellen Mann, long-time student and associate of Kenneth G. Mills, in an afternoon honoring their mentor and beloved friend. Immerse yourself in sound and music meditations. Watch inspiring video of selected spontaneous Unfoldments™ that awaken Self-Discovery – Add your essential insights to this extraordinary gathering – Discover the Standpoint behind the Vistar Method – Enjoy the artistic setting, sweet refreshments and best friends.

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Saturdays, March 23rd, April 6th & 20th
10:00am (PT) / 1:00pm (ET)

Join Barbara Marx Hubbard with Victoria and Ron Friedman, Suzanne Hubbard, Bob Warner and Noel Marshall to discuss Hubs, Circles, Events and more as we continue to co-create a cutting edge community of evolutionary Leaders.

This is a co-learning call for those who want to hear how passionate people all over the globe are coming together, starting and maintaining Circles and Hubs and reaching out into their local and virtual communities. Take part in a Vistar Circle led by Victoria and Ron.  Share your experience and let all know what you are doing. We are empowering each other supported by an invisible partner…the Field of Love.

*INTERNATIONAL CALLERS – USE Mc Dialer – the FREE WEBCAST SERVICE from Maestro for anyone logging into the call with their computer from anywhere in the world.  But they  must be using a PC. Does not work on Mac. OR – SKYPE w/CALLER PAID OPTION –   the rates vary depending on the country, plan and amount of minutes on the call. If you have any questions, email Craig at

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Learn the Vistar Method with Victoria and Ron Friedman, Pioneers in Collective Evolutionary Consciousness, and Celeste Mattlingly, founder of Center for Holisitic Empowerment

Saturday, May 4th, 2013  10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday, May 5th, 2013  1:00pm – 5:00pm
Center fot Holisitc Empowerment
3 Barnard Lane, Top Floor, Bloomfield, CT
Cost: $125.00 pre-registration or $140.00 at the door.

PARTICIPATE, TRAIN AND LEAD VISTAR CIRCLES for personal transformation, co-creation and a sustainable global future.


  • The power and potential of collective consciousness
  • New methods to create group synergy
  • Practical tools to transform groups to an aligned vibration and intention
  • Four Metaphysical Guide Rules for connection
  • Three Vital Evolutionary Leadership Roles

Ron and Victoria Friedman
Ron Friedman, MD, and Victoria Friedman, have dedicated their lives to exploring and developing the Power and Potential of Collective Consciousness. Ron, a Pathologist, and Victoria, a Ceramic Artist, bring science and art together in the Vistar System for individual awakening and have devoloped the Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles™ (VMEC), a disciplined meeting structure for those who come together to access the Unified Field. With 25 years of experience as visionaries, pioneers, lectureres and leaders in the field of Collective Consciousness they have co-founded the Vistar Foundation and co-created Voicepoint, Vistar’s theatrical ensemble, which has performed at the United Nations and major Spiritual Centers. Through their long experience facilitating intensive spiritual group work, their training of Vistar Teachers, and their development of workshops, Ron and Victoria know how to bring people together into a Unity Consciousness.

Celeste Mattingly
Celeste Emelia Mattingly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in Psychotherapy for adults. She is a graduate of the Master of Social Work Program at Springfield College, in Springfield, MA.Celeste has 26 years experience working in a variety of personal and professional recovery settings. These include the last 11 years in private practice, and over ten years experience providing clinical care in various outpatient hospitals, such as; St. Francis Care Behavioral Health, Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living, Natchaug Hospital’s RiverEast Treatment Center, Catholic Family Services and Rushford Treatment Center.

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Creating Community: You Are Not Alone

BEYOND BIRTH 2012! What’s next? Year One! Collectively, on December 22, 2012, through the labor of globally Awakened Beings, a new era of Humanity was birthed named “Homo Universalis” by American Visionary: Barbara Marx Hubbard. Now the real work begins! A team of distinguished teachers are eager to collaborate with YOU to explore how we can sustain and nourish our “newborn” consciousness of co-creation. Join us for an experiential exchange of ideas catalyzing humanity’s evolution.

WHAT? An energetic feast of ideas and experiences to enliven the new paradigm of Collective Evolutionary Co-Creation through Circle Technology, play and sacred ceremonies. We will CONVERGE to build a field of resonance where personal transformation, authentic relationships and global conscience emerges with respect and encouragement for one another while honoring our diversity and highest qualities. It is time to anchor the reality and power of our ability to Co-Create which happens within a Conscious Community with particular emphasis on Barbara Marx Hubbard’s HUBs and Vistar Circles.

WHY? To energize the ‘newborn’ and take your ‘CCC-Year One’ experiences back to your local community to begin – or energize – your currents HUBs. The growth of our new magnificent future depends on ALL of us working together CONSCIOUSLY in communities that prototype a new society, embracing harmony, cooperation and peace.

WHERE? Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado. Since 1945, Sunrise, an intentional spiritually-minded community of 70+ people, has lovingly stewarded the land and water of its 350 acre ranch. Nestled in a valley between red sandstone and pine-covered granite hills, Sunrise Ranch has diverse ecologies, mature food forests, and an enduring integrative eco-social design. It also boasts a Culinary School as well as a 400-person event dome inspired by Buckminster Fuller and hosts a variety of conscious events.


  • Saturday night – Bonfire under the full moon with an inspiring fire ceremony and “dancing with the stars!”
  • Sunday night – Join us for an evening of emergent evolutionary edutainment starring everyone!
  • Monday 6-9PM: Barbara Marx Hubbard will be awarded Humanity Team’s “Spirituality Leadership Award” presented by Neale Donald Walsch and Steve Farrell. You may want to book an additional room night to attend this event.

Tickets sold separately for $29 by Humanity’s Team. PRIORITY SEATING for our group!

  • Tuesday morning – Optional Events: panel discussion on living in an intentional community with Sunrise Ranch and others.  FREE SPACE: Create your own event!


Noel Marshall, Ph.D. and Bob Warner:  Conscious Evolutionaries & a Co-Creative Couple! Having completed their “Birth 2012 Self Evolution Tour” presenting the works of Barbara Marx Hubbard to almost 100 audiences, nationally and

Ron and Victoria Friedman are visionaries and pioneers in the field of Unity Consciousness and Co-Founders of Vistar Foundation, dedicated to exploring the Power of Collective Evolutionary Consciousness.

Dr. Linda Rosenthal is a Joy Specialist and Imagineer who is living on purpose as a writer, teacher, and healer. She is the author of three books on Higher Consciousness and the creator of “Reiki Rhythms”, an original collection of inspired chants for personal and planetary healing.

Rev. Marciah McCartney: Marciah is an ordained Unity Minister, Artist/Author, Holy Fool and creator of The Planetary Play Project. Her passion is supporting the planet in rediscovering the part each of us plays in Divine Oneness through “sacred playtivity”

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Vistar Foundation, The Global Dialogue Institute and

Wainwright House in conjunction with BIRTH2012

Globally Telecast from Wainwright House by The Shift Network and Quest TV

December 22, 2012
At Wainwright House, Rye, New York
4:00pm to 8:00pm

Featuring Ashok Gangadean, Margaret Gest Professor of Philosophy and Founder of the Global Dialogue Institute; Dr. Kurt Johnson Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns at the UN, author of newly released The Coming Interspiritual Age; Ron Friedman, Co-Founder of Vistar Foundation, dedicated to Collective Evolutionary Consciousness; Dena Merriam, Founder The Global Peace Initiative of Women. Special Guest on Skype – Dot Maver – President of the National Peace Academy

This is a call to We the People to come together with open hearts and minds as we enter our global age. We shall explore together the evolutionary spirit moving us all to see the truth of our Interdependence.

Champagne Reception and Light by Corner Stone Catering

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Despertar Colectivo

Spanish Speaking Vistar Circle

Led by Viviana Tejeda
Friday Evenings – 7:00pm
Stamford, CT
Contact 203-249-4281

En un ambiente de amistad y total apertura  reconoce con nosotros tu verdadera naturaleza y desarrollemos juntos nuestro potencial evolucionario en conexión con el Todo. Con la ayuda del Método Vistar para Círculos de Evolución Consciente hemos iniciado este camino hacia lo esencial,  llenos de toda la inspiración y la creatividad que puede emanar de lo Invisible. Te esperamos.

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Vistar Foundation, The Global Dialogue Institute and Wainwright House in conjunction

with BIRTH2012

Globally Telecast from Wainwright House by The Shift Network and Quest TV

December 22, 2012
At Wainwright House, Rye, New York
4:00pm to 8:00pm

Featuring Ashok Gangadean, Margaret Gest Professor of Philosophy and Founder of the Global Dialogue Institute; Dr. Kurt Johnson Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns at the UN, author of newly released The Coming Interspiritual Age; Ron Friedman, Co-Founder of Vistar Foundation, dedicated to Collective Evolutionary Consciousness; Dena Merriam, Founder The Global Peace Initiative of Women. Special Guest on Skype – Dot Maver – President of the National Peace Academy

This is a call to We the People to come together with open hearts and minds as we enter our global age. We shall explore together the evolutionary spirit moving us all to see the truth of our Interdependence.

Champagne Reception and Light by Corner Stone Catering


Featuring Ashok Gangadean
With Ron and Victoria Friedman
Wednesday, Oct 24
5:00 pm (PT), 8pm (ET)

Ashok Gangadean, founder-director of the Global Dialogue Institute and and Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford College and Ron Friedman, physician, poet and founder of Vistar, will dialogue on the essential resolution of isolation and the importance of co-creativity.  Followed by A Vistar Circle with participants led by Victoria Friedman. Join in this Dialogue Dance!




with Barbara Marx Hubbard,
Saturday, Sept 29, 2012
1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST
A very special free event: Birth 2012 Activation Week, which begins this Saturday, September 22.

Featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, don Miguel Ruiz, Jean Houston, Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart and 30 other evolutionary leaders. Ron and Victoria speaking on Saturday, September 29th, at 10am (PT) and 1pm (ET). The Topic is Collective Consciousness and Co-Creation.  A very important consideration for all of us and a great promise for the future.

We are delighted to be speaking at this online Activation Week on Saturday, September 29th, at 10am (PT) and 1pm (ET). Our Topic is Collective Consciousness and Co-Creation.  A very important consideration for all of us and a great promise for the future.

Get more details here (and watch the exciting video!):

Imagine 100 million people joining together globally. Thousands of hubs. Millions of acts of generosity. Celebrations, rituals, broadcasts, festivals, global songs and more. And it’s all in motion!

Imagine the power and energy unleashed when millions of us come together – on the same day and at the same time – to offer our gifts, solutions, and inspirations for birthing a new world.

2012 is not a year to succumb to doom and gloom. It’s the perfect time to build on the heightened anticipation and to activate powerful collaborations for the years ahead.

This movement needs YOUR creative genius to succeed.

If you believe in the possibility of a better future for our world, a time in which we break away from centuries of fear and separation and come together as one global family, the time is now to help make it real.



Sunday, September 16,
2 p.m. Wainwright House
260 Stuyvesant Ave. Rye, NY

Birth 2012 NEW YORK CITY – We are ready to move forward and invite you to join us and share vision – talents – skills and experience and join the global community in this amazing experience. Be as involved as you wish and as your time permits. Enter the Collective Evolutionary Field where the results are greater than any one person or the sum of the parts.

There are many who want to contribute to Birth 2012 New York City. A passionate and experienced producer, Anthony Finno of Unitribe, has offered his services and is dedicated to binging all of the parts together. Dec 22nd is intended to be the day when we reach a critical mass around the world.   Become part of the NEW YORK Hub and participate in and help plan a local celebration of the Planetary Birth Day on December 22, 2012.

Please join us for the heart – opening afternoon with the Evolutionary Community.

We’ll meet you There,

Victoria and Ron

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The Message That Blazes Through Time:
Non Dual Spirituality

Join us for this Light-Filled Celebration!
Thursday, July 1, 7:00-10:00pm
Stamford, CT
Suggested Donation:$10.00
 or 203-968-1995

For more information,Contact Us. 

Vistar invites you to a magical, sparkling, light-filled evening that includes:

An Introduction to Non-Dual Spirituality by Vistar Founders Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman, with guest speaker Ellen Mann. Discover the unspeakable wonder and beauty of the message that blazes through time- from the Upanishads through the great masters to the 21st century teachers.

A Video Unfoldment™, Courtesy of the Kenneth G. Mills Foundation ,“Freedom is Found,” by Kenneth G. Mills, metaphysician, world class musician, spiritual mentor. A rare opportunity to witness a spontaneous transmission given from the non-dual standpoint….FireWords that explode your thought patterns and you remain THE SPARK!

A Party on a flower-filled, lantern-lit deck high in the trees for delicious dialogue and refined refreshments.Shhh! A Surprise performance!

Bring Your friends!
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4 Thursdays July 15 & 29, August 12 & 26 – 7-9:30 pm

Noelle Health and Healing Center
1100 High Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT (House in rear)
Register: or Call 203-968-1995

These dynamic Meetings join the latest spiritual technologies with timeless spiritual truths in the setting of a powerful collective field. Not just an unstructured gathering, not a lecture-dominated program, the Vistar Meeting is a living, in-the-moment, transformational vortex. These meetings will be led by Ron and Victoria Friedman, experienced pioneers in navigating this realm of true Unity. Participants will experience a new relationship to themselves, those that appear as others and to a creative, intelligent universe. A truly practical Fast Track for illuminating the ego, with follow-up spiritual practices applied in everyday life. For those who want to be on the cutting edge of the evolution of consciousness: make a contribution to all of humanity; live and create the future, NOW!

Topic for July 29: Women’s Emergence (& and where are the men?)

Are you aware of what is happening in the conscious evolution of women all over the globe? Millions of women are awakening to the new spiritual role of the feminine. That shift is already affecting and will continue to profoundly change the future. Last October CNN declared that women would become “the saviours of the global economy” and the Dalai Lama profesized that “the world will be saved by the Western woman.”

In our meeting on Thursday, July 29, we will explore together, men and women, WOMEN’s EMERGENCE, the beginning of a huge swing of the evolutionary pendulum. At the same time, we will take a deeper look at the question: Where are the Men?

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An Introduction to Vistar’s Fall Course at Wainwright House
Saturday, August 7,
11am – 5 pm
Wainwright House, Rye, NY
(Time of Lecture TBA)
Join us as Vistar Founders Ron and Victoria Friedman introduce Vistar’s Fall Course: “Collective Consciousness: Awakening Together.” Find out about this Fall Course which joins the latest spiritual technologies with timeless spiritual truths in a setting of a powerful collective field. Not just an unstructured gathering, not a lecture-dominated program, the Vistar Course is a living, in-the-moment, transformational vortex. Meetings will be led by Ron and Victoria, experienced pienoeers in navigating this realm of true Unity. Participants will experience a new relationship to themselves, those that appear as others and to a creative, intelligent universe. A truly practical Fast Track for illuminating the ego with follow-up spiritual practices applied in everyday life. For those who want to be on the cutting edge of the evolution of consciousness, make a contribution to al of humanity, life and create the future NOW.

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Ron and Victoria and Voicpoint Contribute

Saturday, September 18
Time TBA
Central Park Band Shell
New York, NY
The Vigil for International Peace and Ecology is a transformational grassroots effort dedicated to promulgating peace through music, art, poetry, dance and prayer. The purpose of this Vigil is to awaken humanity to harmony and peace throught the power of intent and celebration. The vision is to bridgeand heal our lives and communities to achieve alignment and recognition of the oneness in all.

Victoria and Ron Friedman will be sharing brief statements about the power of the Vigil gatehring and its effect on global awakening. Voicepoint, Vistar’s theatrical ensemble, collective consciousness in expression, will perform selections of short poems on Unity–sung and spoken– by Jelaluddin Rumi.

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book of eckhart

One Thursday a month
Noelle Health & Healing Center
1100 High Ridge Road (behind the spa)
Stamford, CT
Next meeting: July 22, 2010
More info:

It’s all about collective consciousness.” -Deanna

“If you are looking to enter into your own calm center,
this is a wonderful way to be supported on your journey.” – Stephanie Miner

“For a fun, uplifting book discussion on a powerful book.“- Christina Frei

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Rumi: Heart of Unity – Meeting in the Field of Collective Consciousness

On Saturday, October 17, Vistar presented this beautiful Rumi evening as the Special Saturday Evening Event at A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy’s Annual Conference and Retreat at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT. This year’s theme is “Interfaith: An Active Spiritual Expression.”
AWA’s founder Rev. Carla Ivison said after the event: “Vistar and Voicepoint is an extremely talented and creative group of expressive, poetic, performers. Their versions of Rumi’s poems bring his words to life, opening my mind and stirring my soul.”

Arun Gandhi with Ron and Victoria before”Rumi: Heart of Unity-Meeting in Collective Consciousness”
25 Interfaith ministers gathered, along with Arun Gandhi, the Mahatma’s grandson, to participate in this evening of warmth, of coming together, of spiritual insight, music and light. The evening opened with an overview of Collective Consciousness and its importance in our time, as well as Vistar’s pioneering work in Collective Consciousness and entering the Field of unity for personal and group transformation and spiritual expression in creativity– “the field out beyond wrong doing and right doing”- where Rumi invites us all to meet. Then, after touching on Vistar’s VMEC (Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles), the spiritual meeting technology which allows us to access the field, we began.
We then all entered and explored Rumi’s major themes of Spiritual Longing, Separation, Transcendence and Fulfillment. Participants heard a storyteller unfold Rumi’s life journey, and then witnessed Rumi’s poetry set to music and performed by Voicepoint, Vistar’s Theater Ensemble. They then had the opportunity to connect to their own experiences of these themes. The contributions by those gathered were heartfelt and moving, and a connectedness in the Field arose very quickly amongst such attuned presences.
Vistar Events

”Watching the Vistar event was like diving into a contemporary and accessible way to learn about Jalaluddin Rumi, his universal poetry and his life. The performers were dynamic and passionate, bringing forward the message in creative and new ways. Their method of sharing brought the audience into the experience and the feeling of resonance in the room was palpable.” Rupa Cousins (Sufi, member of Kabir Helminski Community)


The Gift of Presence: Staying Awake Through the Holidays

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Stamford, CT

It is said, “When two or more are gathered in MY NAME, there I AM.” Well, when 65 or more are gathered, what a WONDER!!!
And the evening of December 8, the Gift of Presence event unfolded in beauty and wonder. 65 gathered in a candle lit, light-filled North Stamford home to consider the deep and ancient truths, yearnings and esoteric meaning of the Season, the desire to understand the darkness and the light, as well as considering how to move in consciousness and awakeness as we gather with family and friends in these holiday weeks.
The meeting flowed from darkness into light, and within it, Voicepoint shared two of its signature pieces, “Two Suns Rising” and “Only Breath”– which the gathering joined at the end in the ancient HU chant. After, many stayed to share refreshments and the delight of each others’ Presence.
On departing, each was given a Collective AIM (Spiritual Practice) to carry with them as a connection to Self and Whole during the holidays. Join us if you wish:
In all Holiday Gatherings, Look Each Person in the Eye — FIND THE STAR!



Two Workshops: “Transform Your Life thru Collective Consciousness”

Monday, January 25, 7-9pm
Kindred Spirits
35 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT $20
Tuesday, January 26, 7-9pm
Circle of Tranquility
301 Memorial Drive
Hawthorne,NY-$10 donation
Meet Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman, pioneers and visionaries in the field of Collective Consciousness and founders of Vistar Foundation. They have developed The Vistar System, an evolutionary way of working together that is the FAST TRACK for individual awakening on the cutting edge of conscious evolution.
Experience Collective Consciousness … when we come together consciously, the awake state is present!
Enter a SPIRITUAL GYM for extraordinary knowledge, bringing the light of awareness to the workings of the ego and unleashing creativity. Discover how to respond in a new way in areas of relationship, jobs and money, while gaining a larger perspective on these circumstances. Find support and shared vision for your spiritual journey. Experience being in a local community with a global impact, and co-create a prototype for the future of human relationship. Take away a Collective AIM (spiritual practices applied to your every day life).


Vistar Founder

Awaken Wellness Fair

The Hudson Valley’s BIGGEST Wellness Fair!
Saturday, November 21st
Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown, New York
$10 online, $15 at the door

Transformation & Healing through the Field of Collective Consciousness
Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman speak at 12:30pm

Victoria and Ron, Co-Founders of Vistar Foundation, spoke to a full house at this lively Wellness fair, telling of their 25-year experience teaching extraordinary spiritual knowledge, exploring the workings of the ego, unleashing creative energy, and revealing the healing power of Collective Consciousness. They have been called “visionaries and pioneers in this field.” They developed the Vistar System, a spiritual program which has been presented at conferences in New York City, California and the UK. Questions explored were what is happening in the consciousness circle and how you can help contribute to the Shift on the planet at this critical time. For more information, contact us.


Greenwich Associates for Well Being’s Women’s Wellness Expo

“It’s About Your Healing Potential.”
Saturday, November 7th
12:00pm to 4:30pm
YWCA Greenwich, Connecticut
259 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich
Admission: $10
3:30pm: Victoria Friedman, Co-Founder of Vistar Foundation “Women’s Collective Emergence”
The world will be saved by the western woman”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Why are there so many women at the holistic/spiritual events and centers? Women are emerging as a major force in conscious evolution. How can we recognize our potential and participate in creating the future? How can we come together as women and harness the authentic power that we have to create change?
At this wellness event, Victoria Friedman, Co-Founder of Vistar Foundation, explored how women can collectively support each other in holistic well being and make a difference. She explained how, because we are all connected in Consciousness AND because that CONNECTION has the power to influence the whole – a shift in BEING in one woman or ONE GROUP of women can make a difference for all women . She inspired all, asking them to find their mission, share common insights and efforts can heal us and affect the local community – and the world.
Learn more about the role of women on the cutting edge of conscious evolution, who want to understand the significance of the role of women at this point in the culture of humanity. Contact us.


Rolland Smith

An ILLUMINATING EVENING with Rolland G. Smith & Vistar

Monday, June 15, 2009 – 6pm-8pm
at The Junior League of New York
The Astor House
Harriman Room
130 East 80th Street ( Between Lexington and Park Avenues) What an evening this was, sharing the poetry nd commentaries of Journalist, Poet and Author Rolland G. Smith with a hearty audience that came out despite downpours and turbulent weather. In the lovely rooms of the NY Junior League, Rolland read his poetry and commentaries accompanied by a multi-media presentation of the breathtakingly beautiful photographs of renowned Canadian photographer Claude Charlebois. The evening also included performances of several of Rolland’s poems by Voicepoint, Vistar’s Theatrical Ensemble known for their unique process which uses the power of Collective Consciousness to create dramatic performances of ancient and modern spiritual poetry,writings and teachings.
After a “meet and greet” with Rolland where he signed copies of his three books: Quiet Musings, Encore- the poetry of Nature; and Stone Wisdom, there followed a rousing banquet at Girasole around the corner.
Sponsored by The Kenneth G. Mills Foundation and Vistar Foundation.


Chris Parish

Collective Consciousness: Prototyping the Future

EnlightenNext- London
A Conversation with Ron and Victoria Friedman and Chris Parrish of EnlightenNext
Nov. 18, 2008 7:30 pm

On November 18, 2008,at 7:30 pm, EnlightenNext-London presented “Collective Consciousness: Prototyping the Future” featuring Ron Friedman, MD, Victoria Friedman, and Chris Parish, of EnlightenNext’s Center in London.
The evening featured a dialogue between Ron Friedman MD and Victoria Friedman, founders of Vistar Foundation and Voicepoint theatrical company, with Chris Parish, Director of EnlightenNext. In this dialogue these pioneering facilitators and advanced practitioners of this emerging consciousness will explore the wide ranging and profound implications of these remarkable group experiences which Ron Friedman describes as a ‘new organ of interrelatedness’. In examining the power and potential of Collective Consciousness, Chris Parish and Ron and Victoria Friedman will describe why they feel this emergence is one of the next evolutionary steps for humanity.
LETTER from Chris Parrish:
Dear Friends,
I am delighted to be able to tell you that on the 18th November I will be holding a dialogue here at EnlightenNext in London with Ron and Victoria Friedman from the Vistar Foundation. They have been experimenting and exploring the newly emerging phenomenon known as collective consciousness for a long time. When I first met them it was immediately apparent to me that our passion for consciousness was very similar and we were working essentially on the same project, but coming upon it entirely independently. I have seen their stunning and original theatre performances which is one means they use to develop and express this consciousness which is greater than any one individual. They are two people whom I not only regard as good friends but whom I admire for their passion, innovative creative thinking and willingness to autonomously push the leading edge of consciousness. I feel there is a profound synergy between us and I very much look forward to exploring with them the exciting potentials that collective consciousness has to offer. I invite you to come and participate with us in creating the future!


Vistar Founders and the host

VISTAR HOSTS AN ILLUMINATING EVENING: “The Vistar System: An Introduction”

As part of
Greenwich Association For Well Being (GAFWB) Monthly Network Meeting
Friday, June 26, 2009 7-9pm
Stamford, CT
at the home of Vistar Founders Ron and Victoria Friedman
$10 donation
A great way to get to know and share with the GAFWB Community through relationship building and education, this month’s presentation will be on the Vistar System, given by GAFWB Members Ron and Victoria Friedman.
Meet Ron Friedman, MD, and Victoria Friedman, Founders of the Vistar System, a life-changing program for individual transformation through the power of Collective Consciousness. Learn about the cutting edge of the consciousness movement. Hear stories of practical and miraculous changes in participants’ lives. Find out about Vistar’s New Course: “Transform One Area of Your Live-Change Everything!”
Includes performances by Voicepoint, Vistar’s theatrical ensemble-Collective Consciousness in expression.
Experience Vistar’s Community, a local happening with a global impact.
Hope to see you there! Bring your business card s…attendance is GROWING!!! Snacks provided. RSVP for reservations and directions.


Vistar Magic Circle


A Doorway to Collective Consciousness featuring the Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles Gather
– Awake – Radiate!
September 11, 2008 7-9:30 pm

Enlightened Professionals, Center- Bloomfield CT

We all yearn for a Community of the Spirit.
We seek and gather with”like-minded people.
On Thursday, September 11, 6:30 – 9pm, many gathered in Remembrance of September 11th as a contribution to the Healing of Humanity.
This event was held at the spacious at Enlightened Professionals Center in Bloomfield, CT, in an event co-sponsored by Vistar, EP and Natural Awakening magazines. In a room, surrounded by shape and color, we created a Vistar Magic Circle. Healers and people of many different walks of life entered the Field using The Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles (VMEC)™, and considered how through Collective Consciousness and we can contribute to the Conscious evolution of humanity. It was exciting to meet so many committed to the shift.
That evening, all gathered heard the co-founders speak about Vistar, its 14 year history pioneering in the field of Collective Consciousness and group work. Dr. Ron Friedman spoke on the Grand Vision,and Victoria Friedman described how the VMEC structure, its 4 simple but profound rules, and the evolutionary roles can move meetings into the highest intention of True Community . Vistar teachers described the rules, and then all present participated in a Meeting. Afterwards, many spoke of the experience the power of environment to evoke wonder and magic. Some were interested in how to use the rules and roles in their own group settings. Many contributed to the great Vision of the Great Forces who wish us as a species to be able to come together with high purpose.
The room was indeed full of light.


September 20 -At Coalition for One Voice in NYC

World Shift to Peace Festival

On September 20, as part of the United Nation’s International Peace Day & ‘Weekend of Peace Events’ presented by the Coalition for One Voice, One Spirit and East West Books, Vistar presented its VMEC and the Vistar Magic Circle at the 4th Universalist Church, 160 Central Park West, for the World Shift to Peace Festival. In a packed room, we gave our Vistar Magic Circle as one of the breakout sessions which followed a keynote address by Interspiritual Pioneer Matthew Fox. Interest and enthusiasm was great, and it was terrific to meet all the people in the NY area interested in the Shift for humanity.


Vistar presents the VMEC at the
“Awakened World Conference 2008”
Palm Springs, CA
October 1-5, 2008

VISTAR co-sponsored and presented at the Association of Global New Thought’s 2008 Conference in Indian Wells near Palm Springs, CA. The theme of the conference was The Evolution of Revolution: Shining Dawn’s Early LIght on Spirit, Science and the System. Coming even as the great impact to our economy was shaking the ground, its import seemed even more crucial at this time in history. Over 400 joined with such important speakers as Barbara Marx Hubbard, Thomas Barnett, Audrey Kitagawa, John Hagelin, Lynn McTaggart, Michael Beckwith and others to explore ways we can move forward as a world together. Vistar offered our introduction to the VMEC at a breakout session on Saturday, October 4.



THE VISTAR MAGIC CIRCLE A Doorway to Collective Consciousness
Featuring The Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles™ (VMEC)
Together we considered the thread of Radiance, and how we can come together to radiate for the Sake of Humanity and the world. The gathering included spiritually and politically inclined people from all over the country and the world. Very exciting.


NewLife Expo

October 17-19 at the “NewLife Expo”- New York City

At the Fall 2008 New Life Expo, “America’s largest Mind, Body and Spirit Expo”,Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman, with Vistar Teachers, presented The VMEC in lectures and sponsored a booth over three days in this highly energetic and lively new age event at the Hotel New Yorker. We met so many people, all interested in various healing arts, as well as “cultural creatives” who are interested in creating a new earth together.


Vistar Gathering

Vistar Magic Circles: A Doorway to Collective Consciousness

Monday, November 3,
7:00 – 9:300PM at the
META Center New York
214 West 29th St. – 16th Floor – $25
New York, NY * 212.736.0999 ext. 1

On Election Eve, November 3, just before this DRAMATIC ELECTION, Vistar joined with others at the beautiful Meta Center in NYC to access the Field of Collective Consciousness using the VMEC. We considered the “thread:” Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. We will meet you there. (Out beyond ideas of Democrat and Republican, there is a field. We will meet you THERE.) With so much energy and attention and anticipation in the air, it was wonderful to come together in a heartfelt way how we can find a positioning BEYOND DIVISIVENESS and radiate a FREQUENCY OF LARGER UNITY. For Vistar Magic Circle Workshop opportunities, contact us.




Sunday, May 4th 1-4 pm, Stamford, CT
Victoria Friedman: Co-Founder Vistar Foundation
Sandra Eagle : Clinical social worker, transformational psychotherapist
Penny Cohen: Author, psychotherapist, spiritual coach
Lila Taylor: Hypnotherapist, spiritual healer
An afternoon gathering for the purpose of exploring the potential that is present when human beings come together in a conscious intent to experience the power of the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Whatever we have found in our individual realizations is magnified by the Collective Consciousness in the Meeting and the result is a new way to be together in true authenticity.
“Between right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field; I will meet you there.”-Jelaluddin Rumi
All four Leaders will be using the Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles (VMEC) a disciplined structure that facilitates an evolutionary leap in Meetings. Guests will learn this easy method and be able to participate in the discussion.
THIS SESSION IS FULL. Those interested in learning about SHARED LEADERSHIP, or participating in a session, can Contact Vistar Foundation.


Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles INTRODUCTION: AT THE UNITED NATIONS, NYC: “Coming Together in the Unified Field”
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 – 1 pm

The Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles (VMEC): 4 Rules for Evolutionary Meetings
Vistar Foundation is honored to be invited back to the United Nations to present the VMEC, an introduction to “Coming Together in the Unified Field” to members of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and others on Tuesday, June 3, at the UN Headquarters in New York City.
Vistar Founders Ron and Victoria Friedman and will be joined by members of the Vistar Foundation in this opening and experiential presentation of the Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles (VMEC), a disciplined evolutionary meeting structure that facilitates access to the Field of Unity.



December 30, 2007-January 1, 2008, Angel’s Rest Retreat, Leyden MA
Creativity of Group Awakening

The Creativity of Group Awakening
A Celebration for the New Year
An Innovative, Artistic, Eye-Opening Celebration of New Possibilities

We gathered for this delicious retreat at beautiful Angels’ Rest Retreat near Greenfield, MA, plunged into the 2-day workshop with creative challenges, lovely dinners, and then a surprise record snowfall the first evening which fulfilled the promise of a “Winter Wonderland”, complete with magical hot-tub in the snow, crackling fire in the wood stove, and creative sessions “downloading from the Source” …with the excitement of co-creation with an invisible realm!
Vistar Sculpture

The two days offered creative sessions in movement and in voice…working with sculptures, words and music–all working with the creativity that happens “when two or more are gathered, there am I”…in the magic of Collective Consciousness. There were also opportunities to face and transcend personal issues through creative expression, using the Vistar System, and “placing Will Outside”…in sessions that were riveting and transformational. Meditations and a presentation on Crop Circles were presented by Alan Steinfeld of New Realities TV. And there were magical dinners where the elegance of Vistar was supported by Angel’s Rest wonderful organic cooking. And, on New Year’s Eve, A Light Happening. The New Year’s morning ended with a Vistar Meeting, using the Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles, a deep consideration of the thread “To Face Unafraid the Plans We Have Made”, which revealed keys for each as to new ways of moving forward… with a farewell brunch…again in a heavy snow! A Winder Wonder-Land adventure indeed!
As promised, we “Were Enchanted…Moved to Tears…. Searched our Souls…. Expressedour passion…. Requested and were bathed in Presence…. and found Newness for the New Year. There is much gratitude for these amazing hours!
Vistar Amazing Hours

For more information on Vistar Retreats, Contact Bettina Jones, Director Vistar Special Events at 203.968.1995, or Contact Us.


“STEADFAST TO TRUTH” at Gangaji Retreat-September 2007

VOICEPOINT offers a Tribute to the Non-Dual Tradition & Poetry of Mirabai
Voicepoint will return again in September to offer a performance at Gangaji’s Fall East Coast Retreat at Silver Bay, NY, in September. This year’s offering is “Steadfast to Truth,” a tribute to the Non-Dual Tradition. This hour-long presentation of music and movement, story telling and silence, includes the words of the ancient Rig Veda, the Bhagavad Gita, Kabir, Ramana Maharshi, and Harilal Poonja, as setting for the story and poetry of the Rajasthani Princess and Poet Saint of India, Mirabai, who stood Steadfast to Truth, the Beloved.


“Milk Baba” Makes Soup – July 2007

Milk Baba

Vistar learned that the reknowned Indian Sadhu, “Milk Baba”, was staying in Stamford, and we invited him and some of his devotees to come for an evening of music. Milk Baba offered to cook his famous soup for all, a spicy Indian curry vegetable soup!
After dinner, Voicepoint performed several pieces from “Steadfast to Truth”, the poetry of India’s poet saint, Mirabai, and then “Milk Baba” chanted and sang sacred music accompanying himself on the harmonium. It was a rare occasion to experience encountering the timeless traditions of India in the cutting edge atmosphere of Fairfield County, CT! A treasure!

Milk Baba

Milk Baba is so known because of his austerity to live soley on milk for 30 years. He also walked barefoot for 12 years visiting the holy places of India. He is a recognized authority on the Ramayana, the great spiritual text of India. He is presently visiting the United States and offers darshan, sacred music, mantra initiation, shaktipat and blessings.


Rolland Smith Tapes Video with Vistar and Voicepoint- June 2007

Rolland G. Smith, Emmy Award winning TV anchor, joined Vistar on the weekend of June 16 and 17 to create a high-definition video called: “Action of a Choice: A Spiritual Impulse”
Lecture of Rolland SmithLecture of Rolland Smith

Opening with a statement from Dr. Kenneth G. Mills, the video will feature Mr. Smith presenting his own poetry and commentaries, with performances by Voicepoint of Rolland’s poetry set to movement and music. There will also be an interview with Ron and Victoria Friedman on Collective Consciousness, and a demonstration of the Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles. It was an extraordinary Meeting, and everyone present felt the wonder, power and gratitude to the Forcefield that created the opening for magic to enter.


An Evening with Yasuhiko Genku Kimura- June 2007

“Authentic Thinking for Creative Evolution”

What is Authentic Thinking and Why Should you care about it?
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura says:
“The entry point to Creativity and Genius is Authentic Thinking. It is a step outside of what we know into the unknown, to come to truths and ideas not normally available to us. To do this requires that one have access to the Authentic Self.”

Mr. Kimura’s Vision in Action is dedicated “to provoking thinking that engenders integrity and wholeness.” It is a driving force behind the movement to restore wholeness and balance to a divided world through creative, integral thinking in the areas of personal integrity, business accountability, science, the arts and social endeavors. It runs many programs, including The Vision in Action Leadership Institute, and “VIA Journal: The Journal of Integral Thinking for Visionary Action.”(
“Authentic Thinking for Creative Evolution” is the topic of Mr. Kimura’s year long seminar in both Los Angeles and New York, and on June 9, he will come to Connecticut to talk about what this means. He will also be appearing at Omega Institute’s “Fearless Conference” in April.
Schedule for June 9, 6:00 pm:
Lecture by Mr. Kimura: “Authentic Thinking for Creative Evolution”
Dialog with Dr. Ron Friedman, Co-Founder, Vistar Foundation
Champagne Reception with Appetizers
Preview, Voicepoint’s New Piece: “Choiceless Choice-An Evolutionary Imperative”
Suggested Donation: $40.
For reservations and directions, call 203-968-1995, or contact us at


Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles at FIONS-NY-April 2007

VISTAR FOUNDATION presented the VISTAR METHOD OF COMMUNICATION® : A group experience in Collective Consciousness at FIONS in New York City on April 5, 2007 at the new EnligthenNext New York Center. Over 50 members of FIONS and others attended.
Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles at FIONS-NY-April 2007

A thrilling opportunity is present when those aligned in purpose come together to experience the Field of Oneness with its unlimited intelligence and creativity. The Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles (VMEC) is not a lecture format, but a group experience, and will be presented in demonstration by the members of Vistar Foundation. The VMEC is a disciplined structure with 4 simple rules which, when followed, provide a potential for an evolutionary leap in collective awakening and unified group action. The VMEC has been used for spiritual inquiry, for composing music and drama, for marketing strategies, and for revealing a new standpoint in personal and transpersonal situations. The topic of the Vistar for Thursday, April 5th: “How does one remain spiritual with what is going on in the world?
FIONS is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the meaning of consciousness in its many forms. Its founders were inspired by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, ScD, following his return to Earth from his historic 1971 walk on the moon. FIONS in NYC provides a forum for like-minded seekers to meet regularly to discuss the ideas being generated by IONS’ research, and ponder its meaning in their everyday lives.
* To Schedule Workshop on the Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles ®, contact us.


Don Campbell Visits with Vistar-March 2007

Don Campbell. Author of The Mozard Effect visits VISTAR
Author of The Mozart Effect

Don Campbell spent the evening with Voicepont and Vistar

Award-winning Sound Healing expert and musician Don Campbell spent the evening with Voicepont and Vistar, in a series of fascinating conversations about sound, healing, music and the cosmos.
Don said of Voicepoint:
“It is rare to have an opportunity to hear Voice in such a sense of Presence…. A DIVINE SPILLOVER!
Don Campbell with Ron and Victoria Friedman



Vistar Heart of Unity


VOICEPOINT in Celebration of RUMI’s 800th birth year
City College of New York
NAC Aronow Theater>
138th Street & Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031
Friday, February 23, 2007- 8pm.
Tickets: In Advance: $10 for students and $15 for all others
At the Door: $15 for students and $20 for all others.
For advance tickets, go to
Fordham University
Saturday, April 21, 2007- 8 pm, Place and time TBA
Lincoln Center
113 W. 60th Street
New York, NY 1045
Voicepoint’s performance of RUMI: HEART OF UNITY at Fordham University was the closing performance for aConference on the Abrahamic Prophets. The conference, April 20 and 21, 2007, had as an intention to bring to view a more coherent and multidimensional understanding of the views of Prophet Mohammad and the nature of prophecy in general in the three Abrahamic faiths. Religious representatives and scholars from all major faiths, and interfaith organizations explored the nature of prophecy, the spiritual teachings of each religion, and their relevance in addressing the current crisis around the globe. The event took place in a lovely glass-walled room, overlooking a roof-top park on the Fordham campus. For more information about the conference sponsors, Sufi Circl, call For more information about Rumi performances, contact Vistar Foundation.
Voicepoint also performed RUMI: HEART OF UNITY on, Friday, February 23, 2007 at City College of New Yorkin Manhattan, as part of CCNY’s Persian Student Association. It was a very emotional meeting, an American spiritual ensemble performing for members of the Persian community in New York City…all listening to find what Rumi offers about transcending that which divides to find That Field where we are ONE.
Contact us now to find out how to book Voicepoint’s telling of the story of the passionate life and poetry of popular Sufi mystic Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi…with music, movement, solo and choral singing, and storytelling. This production which has been seen at the United Nations, New York Open Center and many other venues has captivated thousands. It is available on CD and live in 2007 for celebration’s of the anniversary of Rumi’s 800th birthday.


On August 18, 2006, Voicepoint presented “Rumi: Heart of Unity” in the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium at the United Nations Headquarters, in New York City.Voicing Rumi’s message of true unity within those walls was an experience that words cannot describe. Plans are being made for Rumi’s 800th birthday, which will take placed in the General Assembly next year, and Voicepoint has been invited to participate in that great celebration!!!

VOICEPOINT at Silver Bay with RUMI: HEART OF UNITY-September 2006

VOICEPOINT at Silver Bay with RUMI: HEART OF UNITY-September 2006

Gangaji East Coast Fall Retreat
at the Silver Bay YMCA Conference Center
Silver Bay, NY
Friday, September 22, 2006

Voicepoint is honored to have been asked to perform RUMI: HEART OF UNITY at Gangaji’s East Coast Fall Retreat at the Silver Bay YMCA Conference Center in Silver Bay, NY, on Lake George in the Adirondacks. Gangaji, an American-born teacher and author, has traveled the globe since 1990, speaking with spiritual seekers from all walks of life. Her message is powerful in its clarity and simplicity: True peace and lasting fulfillment are not only our birthright, they are the essential nature of our being. For information on Gangaji’s retreats, visit
For information about Voicepoint’s availability for retreats and conferences,
contact us at

VOICEPOINT offers its Voice at The Vigil for International Peace

Sunday, September 24, 2006
at NYC Central Park Bandshell- 72nd Street Entrance

Central Park Concert
In response to our performance at the United Nations, Voicepoint was invited to participate in this year’s Vigil for International Peace in New York City’s Central Park. This Vigil’s Opening Ceremony was at 9am, and throughout the day, choirs, artists, singers and musicians, and renowned speakers contributed with musical presentations, peace meditations, dances all in the spirit of offering a prayer for peace. Performers from all over the world and with all different styles…from opera to flamenco to classical violin to folk guitar to rock n roll…performed for a large audience in the festive atmosphere. Members of Voicepoint Ensemble performed “Gamble Everything for Love” and “Two Suns Rising” from RUMI: Heart of Unity.
According to its organizers, The Vigil for International Peace is “a transformational, grassroots effort dedicated to promulgating peace through participation in art, song, dance, music, prayer and ceremony . The purpose of this Vigil is to awaken humanity to harmony and peace through the power of intent and celebration. The vision is to heal and bridge lives and communities to achieve divinity alignment and recognize the oneness in all.”
Go to for more information about the day’s events, or contact us

VOICEPOINT at The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival- September 2006

Waterloo Village, Stanhope, NJ
Saturday, September 30 & Sunday, October 1

Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival

Saturday and Sunday, September 30 and October 1, Voicepoint brought the poetry of both RUMI and MIRABAI to the 20th year of the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, the largest poetry event in North America. Despite cold and rainy weather on Friday and Saturday, thousands of poetry lovers of all ages and backgrounds attended the 11th biennial Dodge Poetry Festival at Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ, a restored 19th-century canal-lock and riverside village. Voicepoint’s performances in the Library Tent were only one of 13 poetry events happening at any given moment, 8am-10pm on both Saturday and Sunday. The Festival brought together over 60 poets and dozens of accomplished musicians and storytellers who performed for large audiences over four days beside the Musconetcong River and among the Village’s lawns, trees, and historic buildings. Poets and translators Coleman Barks and Robert Bly, whose translations Voicepoint uses in its performances, participated in the Festival, alongside poets from around the world, including the British and American Poets Laureate, the Palestinian poet Taha Muhammed Ali, and the Korean poet, Ko Un. Voicepoint Ensemble presented full productions of Rumi and Mirabai, which have also been seen at The United Nations, The NY Open Center, Kripalu Yoga Center, The Woodstock Poetry Festival, The Rich Forum, and other venues in NY and New England.
Vistar Reception


Voicepoint offers”Only Breath” at PASSION TO CONNECT at Spirit New York
Sunday, October 16 3pm-6pm
530 West 27th Street


On October 15, a major networking event unfolded in NYC: “A PASSION TO CONNECT” at Spirit New York”. Organized by Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for a New Humanity, FIONS, and other groups, it was a chance for all the spiritual communities and like-minded individuals to meet each other, exchange information and see how we can form local alliances for various causes. Over 1000 members ot the “conscious communities” in New York City and surrounding areas came together to hear Deepak Chopra, Andrew Cohen, and VOICEPOINT!!! as well as to begin the dialog on how they might come together to form a greater conscious community in NYC and beyond. One of the many follow-up events will happen in April, when Vistar will introduce its Vistar Method for Evolutionary Circles to FIONS in NYC. In the exciting environment of the spiritual nightclub “Spirit New York”, and just downstairs from Alex Gray’s wonderful gallery, VOICEPOINT opened the afternoon with “Only Breath”, the ceremonial song/movement/ chanting piece from RUMI: HEART OF UNITY. Then, a lively dialog between Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen followed, along with conversations among the 1,000 participants. An astonishing event produced by Emily Squires (Center of photo) of FIONS…Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She is also a Director of the TV show Sesame Street.

VOICEPOINT performs RUMI: HEART OF UNITY at SUFI CIRCLE’s “Rumi Day” A Celebration of Light”

HEART OF UNITY at SUFI CIRCLE's -Rumi Day- A Celebration of LightHEART OF UNITY at SUFI CIRCLE's -Rumi Day- A Celebration of Light
Saturday, December 17, 2006, 2-5pm St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Huntington Station, NY
VOICEPOINT ENSEMBLE offered “RUMI: HEART OF UNITY” for Sufi Circle’s “Rumi Day:Celebration of Light,” on December 17, the day which is sacred to Sufis because it celebrates the death day, or “Wedding Day,” of Mevlana Jelauddin Rumi, founder of the Mevlevi Sufi order, and one of the world’s best loved mystic poets. RUMI followed many traditional offerings of Rumi’s poetry by members of this interfaith gathering. As a result, VOICEPOINT has been invited to perform RUMI again at FORDHAM UNIVERSITY in April. More information will follow.

RUMI: HEART OF UNITY has also been seen at The United Nations, The New York Open Center, Kripalu Yoga Center, The Woodstock Poetry Festival, The Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, The Stamford Center for the Arts, Spirit New York, and other venues in New York and New England. RUMI:HEART OF UNITY is now available for booking in 2007, which marks Rumi’s 800th birthday. For information, contact us