Collective Consciousness

What is Collective Consciousness?

Collective Consciousness is experienced as the invisible field of connectedness and intelligence which arises and may be accessed when those with aligned intention gather. As human beings, we are connected in ways we are not fully aware of, but which the modern scientific community is now discovering, and which the great eastern teachings have been describing forever. This Field of Oneness, of Unity, gives us an incredible potential for bringing people together in a whole new way. Working in Collective Consciousness means working with an invisible Force, valuing it, and allowing the space between us to come alive, and grant it Presence, Intelligence and Love.

At Vistar our study and work with Collective Consciousness is extraordinary, awakening and transformational. It offers a very high vision of how human beings can come together to find deepest authenticity and fulfillment while working at depth with others and contributing to the world. We believe Collective Consciousness may be a way of the future, offering a solution to the crises that beset our planet.

What is the experience of Collective Consciousness?

Though everyone expresses it differently, many report an experience of heightened energy, a sense of unity, a connectedness with others present or at distance on an invisible but nonetheless real level, and a sense of inner creative potential, lightness, fun and desire to express. People report feeling “much more myself”, “seen”, and “a sense of aliveness.” Others have been led to see–and be loosened from– negatives states or habits, even longterm addiction. And almost universally there is an accepted awareness of a frequency in the space between that could be called “Presence,” a force field of knowingness, wisdom and healing that is greater than the sum of those present.

Why Collective Consciousness?

We are facing a crisis in human communcations, and are witnessing the breakdown of many of the structures–family, societyal and national. Working in Collective Consciousness offers a solution with a new form and forum for human communication. It forges a new kind of relationship which brings fulfillment and connnectedness. Through contact with this invisible forcefield, it strengthens and stabilizes individuals, bringing them into balance, vision with new tools and maturity. It offers a new basis for human interaction and relationship.

Working in Collective Consciousness also offers a stabilizing forcefield that is structured to withstand many of the disintegrating forces, can deal with the stresses which many feel, can open a door beyond the isolation of many into a community of the spirit, and lead us to deepest sense of Self. Beyond that, it opens the doors to creativity, lightness and energy.

It is the great invitation and promise of our times. Join the adventure.