Vistar began in Stamford, Connecticut in 1994 as a series of lectures on the spiritual journey. An Ad placed in a local newspaper invited anyone to attend“ who was seriously interested” in Self-knowledge. People came, and almost everyone stayed…and stayed. The content that was presented were core teachings that we had been exposed to over many years during our participation as students and teachers with two extraordinary beings, Charles Ahart and Dr. Kenneth G. Mills. www.kgmfoundation.org

Charles Ahart brought together the teachings of George Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner, the Twelve Steps of AA and James Allen, a remarkable integration that could speak to any individual. Charlie emphasized the process of growing up as a true human being in the context of an unfolding evolutionary cosmology. Dr. Mills was a unique witness and exponent of the non-dual tradition and emphasized the immediacy of the realization of True Identity as Divine as the great Key to Being. He opened our eyes to the essential importance of creative expression in every aspect of our lives and introduced us to the work of Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, Paul Brunton and other exponents of advaita.

With this truly rich background, Vistar’s journey began. As the journey continued it became obvious that collective awakening using the power of group consciousness was accelerating spiritual realization. Our meeting schedule was intense, gathering with participants three times a week for many years. Every aspect of the human experience was material for our Circles. In 18 years (and counting) of exploring the Field we focused our attention on the participants in a Circle and the way we meet and work together. We recognize the organic unfolding of certain Guiderules and a structure in our Circles which facilitates our collective process. We began to appreciate the depth of our method, its power and potential. We formulated and then re-formulated what we now called The Vistar Method with its vision, Guiderules and structure. We trained Leaders of the Method that are now the Vistar Team.

The Vistar Circle attracted artist, musicians and performers and a theater group emerged called Voicepoint, a new setting for continuing our spiritual work. In a matter of four months from the birth of  Voicepoint, we collectively produced a complete one and a half hour presentation called “WordFire: The Message That Blazes Through Time.” Every aspect of that presentation- sets, choreography, music – was created in collective creative consciousness using the Vistar Method.

Our production was presented at First Night in Westport on December 31, 1999. Over the next years, Voicepoint produced and performed “Rumi: Heart of Unity” in many locations in the Northeast, including the United Nations. Two CD’s of our productions were recorded.

In 2004, an issue of Andrew Cohen magazine  “What is Enlightenment” on the topic of collective consciousness made us realize that we had been working in an extraordinary collective way since our beginning with a focus of individual and group awakening. This unusual way of being together had led not only to a theater group, but also to amazing workshops and many producing many spiritual events. A new form of community was being formed, one that is evolving into a prototype for the future. (link to WIE article)

After eighteen years, our intention to share our expertise in the Vistar Method and its process has become an overwhelming commitment. Through our wonderful association with Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Conscious Evolution Movement, The Vistar Method is now being used by groups meeting all over the world.