Vistar’s work is based on five fundamentals:

  1. The Non-Dual Nature of Being…The Truth of our Identity as Conscious Awareness.
  2. Unity of Teachings:
    Vistar is a unifier of Teachings and looks for intention and alignment beyond point of differences. We use spiritual material, as it is needed, for the forward movement of the whole. We look beyond any one teaching, and illuminate all and honor universal Truths. As we experience the Unity of living principles, their practicality guides us. Because of this inclusive spiritual standpoint, we readily accept, understand and include all.
  3. Original Vistar Teachings:
    Vistar, through many meetings in Collective Consciousness, has gleaned much spiritual knowledge about the cutting-edge of culture and evolution of consciousness. Areas include relationships between male and female, relationship of individuality and the group, Hierarchy and Collective Consciousness and prerequisites for meaningful and productive communication.
  4. Working with the Ego:
    We investigate all that we are NOT. We bring these programmed attitudes, beliefs and behaviors into the light of awareness and witness and share our findings.
  5. Creativity:
    We have found that a creative outpouring is an involuntary aspect of work together in collective awakening. We come into contact with the effulgent, unlimited expression of the Source.