About “unaccustomed looking”

“I’m fascinated by the magic of deep attention without an ordinary sense of presence, of listening and hearing, of the partnership of looking and silence. this kind of “look- ing” opens doorways to other dimensions, it is a different state of consciousness with its own cognition and senses beyond the physical five. It is as if we become an audito- rium endlessly vast, without judgment, able to include anything and everything within our space, impersonal and yet exquisitely sensitive and responsive. perhaps this is the way the Universe listens or God attends. Love reveals Itself in this state of presence, we don’t have to try.” – Ron Friedman



Beyond attention’s careless span lies another dimension emerging from
perception’s familiar fog that we used to call real.

Add Silence to this unaccustomed looking and we become the
auditorium in which
the Universe’s secrets are silently whispered.

I once knew a woman, a dubious, daggered and tired friendship of many
transformed by a notknowinglooking into

God sitting before me, everything about her embraced
by a feeling that I would have to call

Some poetic images are delivered so complete, so beautiful, a compressed extract containing so much feeling that no one ex- pression is sufficient to capture its essence. It is as if the poet must in reverence circumambulate this newly birthed delivery from another realm-sometimes for years – until at least some of its secret message has been captured and shared with the world. truly, it is an unidentified flight object, still simmering from its descent into earth’s atmosphere, delivered in a code which only the poetic approach can decipher. The mind’s ar- mada must be kept at bay while this secret contact unfolds, no security breach must be allowed.

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Some of my poems deal with our recurrent experience of longing, loneliness and impermanence. The mind remains mute in dealing with these intense aspects of human being and the questions that they raise. For me, only a direct and deep dive into these feelings reveals that at heart, they are teachers, valu- able and committed guides into that endlessly wise and compassionate spacious presence which makes itself known when we stop struggling and accept our journey with all its faces.

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