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Vistar is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1994 by Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman. Vistar is dedicated to the power and potential of Collective Consciousness for collective awakening, co-creation and conscious communication. Ron and Victoria offer teleconferences and workshops on The Vistar Method, a conscious structured meeting process, Vistar Awakening Circles and Co- Creative large and small-scale innovative events that inspire and involve people and focus on connectivity and enlightened culture.


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READATATION: A Daily Spiritual Adjustment

Readatation adjusts the mind from its conditioned reactive thinking into a relaxed natural state. Readatation is a gentle and loving community that loves sharing the discovery of Truth.


SELECT your spiritual reading material.
LIGHT a Candle
CHOOSE a comfortable spot to sit
POST on FACEBOOK or in the TEXT Group, that you are STARTING
READATATION for 30min–might include Meditation and/or Contemplation
SHARE: When finished Share (if so moved) A QUOTE or INSIGHT.
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Florissa is a fast , flashy, fish, who is on a  mission. Everyone in the ocean tries to discourage her. Even her practice doesn’t seem to help her.

The one day…


Author, Illustrator – Victoria Friedman

Book Design Ellen Mann

Based on the “4 Temperaments” of Rudolf Steiner and a Non-Dual perspective!


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LIGHT ON LIGHT free E-magazine

“CHANGE MAKERS: Leadership and Transformation”

Please see our article on “EVOLUTIONARY MEETINGS: “How We Meet” by Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman




Feb 2-7, 2020

Unity Earth and Eco Peace Initiative

“This week-long “journey of discovery” forms part of UNITY EARTH’s Road to 2020, a series of worldwide events designed to capture new opportunities for weaving a spirit of unity and peaceful coexistence”

This amazing initiative focused on the Jordan River and other Holy sites through Jordan, Palestine/West Bank and Israel.  It was attended by an international delegation of around 100 spiritual leaders, musicians and dignitaries from all over the world.  Victoria Friedman, Secretary, Unity Earth Board of Directors


Launching Fall 2020


Interview with Kathy Mason

The evolutionary meeting recognizes group consciousness as essential for the next step of the evolutionary development of humanity The Vistar Method’s reason for being is to access the realm of collective consciousness and to approach any issue from that dimension. This requires a radical shift in vision, motivation and understanding of what a meeting is all about. The shift is the realization that the Energy, Quality and Atmosphere (EQA) of the meeting are at least as important as the topic under consideration.

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“SPIRIT DOODLING: The Effortless Expression of No-Mind”

By Victoria Friedman

Doodling is our birthright. It brings us to rest. It brings us Home. It does not require learned skills or talent or any special understanding. It lies dormant within the unlimited cache of Creativity…our origin. The released expression in every doodle is ever-new and totally unique.This book encourages you to try doodling and discover for yourself what is unknown to the mind yet completely present any time we re-turn…effortlessly Spirit Doodling.” – Victoria Friedman




With Ron and Victoria Friedman

Four more than 4 years we dialogued with featured “Souloists” at the leading edge of conscious culture, followed by a collective dialogue using The Vistar Method for Evolutionmary Meetings

VIDEO WEBINAR Kenneth G. Mills

Past Maestro Recordings

With Stephen Dinan

With Mitch Rabin

With Alan Sheets

With Alan Steinfeld

With Gordon Davidson

With Barbara Marx Hubbard

With Anodea Judith

With Steve Farrell