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Vistar is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1994 by Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman. Vistar is dedicated to the power and potential of Collective Consciousness for collective awakening, co-creation and conscious communication. Ron and Victoria offer teleconferences and workshops on The Vistar Method, a conscious structured meeting process, Vistar Awakening Circles and Co- Creative large and small-scale innovative events that inspire and involve people and focus on connectivity and enlightened culture.


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 by Victoria Friedman


017 was more “NEW” for me because of the unfolding realization that every moment is new. This moment has never been before. How could any moment be anything but new?

It is Consciousness Itself, ever present, that is the Newness to the moment.

Once this epiphany happened, I could clearly see the thoughts that move like dark clouds across spacious awareness in the form of memories with their interpretations, analyses and conclusions. Although they might carry some relative truth, they are not “The Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.”

As an example, I would like to share one thought construct that can keep us stuck in oldness.


“I DID THAT” is a thought/belief that assumes we are the basically the same and that what we do now is identical to what we did in the past.

“I DID THAT” assumes that, because the results in the past were not what we expected, they will turn out as before, so we should not try those endeavors again.

“I DID THAT” negates the fact that we are not who we were before, and an action taken now could never be the identical action done before. In fact, the entire context of our lives in the present moment is essentially new.

“I DID THAT” can impede healing because modalities are used for a time and then labeled as ineffective and that conclusion is never questioned. People who have fallen into the despair of depression often say, “I did that and that and that, and It doesn’t work.”

For me, discovering the falseness of “I DID THAT” has released energy and actions that would have been rejected because of the mind’s belief in oldness. Perhaps this is a thought that has been keeping you from being in the here and now with the freedom to move in all possible directions.

SO, I wish for you the Majestic Newness of every moment which deceptively appears to unfold as a rigid time sequence, but cannot hide the unlimited possibilities of our conscious creative True Nature.



VISTAR METHOD 2.0 Home Study Guide: Coming Soon!

With visionary pioneers in the field of Collective Consciousness
Victoria and Ron Friedman

Are you ready to become a conscious catalyst in the most important aspect of our experience together on this planet?



What You’ll Receive:


8 (90-minute) MP3s recordings of each of the 8 week Training Sessions: Including participant practice sections.

8 PDF Transcripts of Teaching Sections from the weekly Recordings: Step by step evolutionary guidance on leading, Supporting and participating in any gathering

8 Word Documents with QUICK LOOK at the content in each session  

3 PDFs of the 3 Parts of the Method – The 4 GuideRules; The 3 Roles; The 3 Sections


- Explorers of cutting – edge Field technology to access the intelligence and creativity of aligned collective intention

– Individuals already leading/facilitating/guiding circles, groups or meetings of any type.

– Individuals wanting to start circles, groups or meetings.

– Individuals who lead or participate in business meetings.

– Solo practitioners, solo-preneurs, coaches, therapists or anyone working with individual clients/participants.Co-Creators, workshop leaders, seminar planners,

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SPIRIT DOODLING: The Effortless Expression of NO-MIND

By Victoria Friedman









Spirit Doodling unfolds from Victoria’s life long passion for innate creative expression. Graduating with a BA in Fine Arts, she worked as a ceramicist, selling to galleries across the U.S. At the age of 35, in the middle of a successful artistic career, she awoke to the spiritual path and her art became a vehicle for the Spirit. Victoria is the Co-Founder of Vistar Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to Collective Consciousness. Her background studies include the Teachings of The Gurdjieff Work, Rudolf Steiner,
The Non-Dualistic tradition and Conscious Evolution.

“Doodling is our birthright. It brings us to rest. It brings us Home. It does not require learned skills or talent or any special understanding. It lies dormant within the unlimited cache of Creativity…our origin. The released expression in every doodle is ever-new and totally unique.” Victoria


With Ron and Victoria Friedman

Four more than 4 years we have dialogued with featured “Souloists” at the leading edge of conscious culture, followed by a collective dialogue using The Vistar Method for Conscious Conversation

Please view our latest VIDEO RECORDING of the on-line webinar, “Opening the Portal to the Vibrant Legacy of Kenneth G. Mills”…Discover the efficacy and the beauty of the message of True Identity



VIDEO WEBINAR Kenneth G. Mills

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 “unaccustomed looking: insights on the path

By Ron Friedman



“unaccustomed looking” is an extraordinary poetic journey as seen through the eyes of the spirit. It offers the reader the opportunity to share the author’s insights and deep experience of life’s mysteries…Truly an inspiration to all poetic hearts.

“This is a book to hold in your hands and caress. It is a tome that expects frayed pages and worn covers from the joy of constant use. It is a gift both to have and to give. It is a volume of verbal songs for the poet, the writer, the reader, the voyeur, the curious and the mystic.”

~ Rolland G. Smith, broadcaster, journalist, poet and author


”Ron Friedman is a divine craftsman. His poems not only eloquently reflect deep heart and consciousness, but the activist energy that is emerging now in spiritual communities worldwide to effect real global change.”

~ Kurt Johnson, author of The Coming Interspiritual Age, and Nabokov’s Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a Literary Genius