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Vistar is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1994 by Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman. Vistar is dedicated to the power and potential of Collective Consciousness for collective awakening, co-creation and conscious communication. Ron and Victoria offer teleconferences and workshops on The Vistar Method, a conscious structured meeting process, Vistar Awakening Circles and Co- Creative large and small-scale innovative events that inspire and involve people and focus on connectivity and enlightened culture.


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an Open Invitation

From The Readatation Field

A daily adjustment from conditioned reactive thinking into a relaxed natural state of Being


Join the Readatation Field at any time and participate when you can.
30 minute Readatation consists of…
  • Choosing spiritual literature to read.
  • Sitting in your comfortable chair or sofa with a lit candle and, if you wish, a cup of tea/coffee. Stress-less and beautiful!
  • Texting the Readatation Circle indicating that you are beginning the half hour.
  • Just reading OR reading and meditating OR read and contemplating.
To join a Readatation Text Circle (free)
Click Here to send Victoria your name and cell phone number


From Victoria…
I have been doing a “Readatation” for 38 years. It originally was part of a group practice in an intensive program of self knowledge, which I participated in for 12 years.

In 1994, Ron and I founded Vistar and continued a Readatation group practice as an essential part of the Vistar System spanning 15 years.

Please feel free to try this GROUP practice whether you have your own practice or not.









TRIBUTE TO Barbara Marx Hubbard


For video of Victoria Friedman sharing about her time with Barbara Marx Hubbard


The Vistar Method

Ebook: Coming 2019!

By visionary pioneers in the field of Collective Consciousness
Dr. Ron Friedman and Victoria Friedman


The enlightened meeting recognizes group consciousness as essential for the next step of the evolutionary development of humanity The Vistar Method’s reason for being is to access the realm of collective consciousness and to approach any issue from that dimension. This requires a radical shift in vision, motivation and understanding of what a meeting is all about. The shift is the realization that the Energy, Quality and Atmosphere (EQA) of the meeting are at least as important as the topic under consideration. Collective Consciousness itself can be described as a highly refined and mysterious atmosphere, a frequency and integration of the consciousness of all those present.

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Author, Illustrator – Victoria Friedman

Book Design Ellen Mann

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Florissa is a fast flashy fuchsia fish who is on a mission. Almost everyone in the ocean tries to discourage her, and even all her practice doesn’t seem to help.
But then one day…
This was one of the stories that came to me during my many years’ work with children. These tales evolved in my ClayWay studio and in Spirit Club, an eight year creative magical journey in which I was Tory, the Fairy Queen with the amazing Spirit Children!
Florissa is a fish who has a strong will to transcendence. The major characters in the story are based on Rudolf Steiner’s Four Temperaments. They exemplify some of the significant beliefs that can hold us back from realizing our essential freedom. For years I could not find the way for Florissa to realize her dream. Then I met Kenneth G. Mills and it was clear how she discovered her “happily ever after”.


IPhone Video WALKING MEDITATIONS with Victoria Friedman



Words that open your Soul

and songs to enliven your Spirit!

K U R T  J O H N S O N Thoughts from the Foreword
R I C K  U L F I K presents The “We The World” song
H E I D I   L I T T L E present The Spirit of Woodstock Nation song
E L L E N   M A N N Book Designer of forevers looking, presents
the spontaneous poetry of Kenneth G. Mills
D E B O R A H  R O S S, Special Appearance…Ron’s Daughter





With Ron and Victoria Friedman

Four more than 4 years we dialogued with featured “Souloists” at the leading edge of conscious culture, followed by a collective dialogue using The Vistar Method for Conscious Conversation

VIDEO WEBINAR Kenneth G. Mills

Past Maestro Recordings

With Stephen Dinan

With C-C-Changed

With Wendy Foxworth

With Mitch Rabin

With Coalition Co-Creators

With Alan Sheets

With Alan Steinfeld

With Gordon Davidson

With Barbara Marx Hubbard

with Andrea Adler

With Jodi Serota and Kristin Hoffman

With Anodea Judith

With Victoria Friedman

ith Steve Farrell

ith Mark Porteous